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At GKA, we pride ourselves on our ability to support our clients before a recruitment project even begins.

We have distilled some of the learning we’ve acquired over the years into several resources found below which we hope will help support your RFQ, or just build your knowledge in the areas concerned.


Everything you need at your fingertips…

A man in front of a whiteboard at a meeting - visual metaphor for our therapy area guides

Therapy Area Guides

Our guides are designed to help you get to grips with a therapy area quickly and to provide you with the information you need. From incidence rates and statistics, to drug information and more, our therapy guides are packed with information to help make your project a success.

A Market Researcher’s Guide to the NHS

The NHS is complex, and trying to understand the varying roles and responsibilities within it is a challenging task. To help you overcome that challenge we’ve put together a top-line overview of the NHS commissioning structure which gives you:

  • Who’s who in the process
  • Who we can recruit for market research
  • Information on budget management

A doctor with a patient to represent "A Market Researcher’s Guide to the NHS"

Meeting with doctors and business people around a table to represent A Market Researcher’s Guide to Clinical Commissioning Groups

A Market Researcher’s Guide to Clinical Commissioning Groups

It can be really tricky to understand the different roles across the NHS, so we’ve put together a helpful guide to give some explanation about CCGs, who you should be talking to, and how we can help you reach them.

5 tips for writing successful screeners for patient recruitment

Screening questions are a critical aspect of the recruitment process, with particular considerations being essential to getting it right with patients. Our guide will help you create a successful screener for your patient studies, giving you tips on:

  • Language and tone of voice
  • Pilot testing
  • Screener structure

A pen in hand completing a questionnaire
A Market Researcher’s Cheat Sheet- A World of Jargon

A Market Researcher’s Cheat Sheet: A World of Jargon

We know just how overwhelming healthcare jargon can be and it can often be easy to get your CCG’s confused with your CDF’s! To help clear things up, we’ve created a healthcare jargon buster that includes:

  • An explanation of NHS terminology and acronyms
  • Clarification of therapy area specific terms
  • Simplification of market research terms

7 steps to success: conducting medical focus groups with patients

Recruiting patients for focus groups can often be challenging but they are a great way to generate insightful qualitative results for your medical market research. We’ve put together a guide which provides tips on how to achieve success when conducting patient focus groups…

7 steps to success- conducting medical focus groups with patients
People under a maginifying glass to represent "A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Your Sample Size"

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Your Sample Size

Do you need help considering the feasibility of your sample size? We’ve put together a guide to ensure that you head into the research phase of your project with confidence.

A Guide To Patient Fieldwork

Applying the learning of nearly 30 years’ experience in patient market research, we’ve created a guide to successful patient fieldwork which we hope will share some of that knowledge with you.

Person in a white coat holding out an array of pills - Patient market research
Building blocks - The GKA Way

The GKA Difference

Since 1992 we have been providing expert fieldwork services to the medical market research industry and have worked with over 250 clients globally to ensure their projects’ success. We’ve created a document, The GKA Difference, to demonstrate why we can be trusted as your fieldwork partner.

A beginner’s guide to the UK healthcare landscape

The healthcare landscape is a complex area which includes many layers of structures and stakeholders. We’ve created a webinar which takes things back to basics and focuses on key areas within the healthcare landscape.

A beginner’s guide to the UK healthcare landscape

Online interviewing with a difference…

We recruit IDIs and focus groups to be conducted securely via webcam. This facilitates virtual CL days, and ad-hoc interviews, without the travel and catering expenses associated with traditional face-to-face settings.

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