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GKA’s approach is based entirely around knowledge and ensuring you get the right information for your medical fieldwork project – and fast. All of our services are underpinned by the GKA Knowledge Works, which aims to utlilise our vast internal knowledge base, links with leading physicians and many years of experience in medical fieldwork.

Over the past three years we have built a powerful library of resources for medical market researchers, and you can find our top resources below ready for download:

Therapy Area Guides

Designed to help you get to grips with a therapy area quickly and provide you with the information you need as a medical market researcher. From incidence rates and statistics to drug information and more, our therapy guides have it all.

Healthcare Market Research

A Market Researcher’s Guide to the NHS

The NHS can be complex, and trying to understand who is responsible for which services, what influence they have and, most importantly, who we can access for healthcare market research can be a tricky task. That’s why we’ve put together a top line overview of the NHS commissioning structure to help you. This guide gives you:

Budgetary references

Who's who in the process

Who we can access for market research

Pharmaceutical Market Research

GKA Healthcare Market Research Panel Book

We use our healthcare market research panel in combination with our in-house call centre with 20+ recruitment specialists to recruit participants for both qualitative and quantitative market research methodologies. Our panel ranges from Nurses to CCG’s and KOL’s who are available to participate in both online and offline research.

Healthcare Market Research Panel Book - Download Now

A Market Researcher’s Guide to Clinical Commissioning Groups

It can be really tricky to keep up with who does what and to know who to reach out to for healthcare market research. So, we’ve put together a helpful guide to explain everything you need to know about CCGs, who you should be talking to and how we can help you to reach them.

Healthcare market research

5 tips for writing successful screeners for patient focus groups

Screener surveys (qualifying questionnaires) are a critical aspect of the recruitment process, especially for patient-centric medical market research due to the specific nature and detail of the criteria that is needed for the research. Our free guide will help you create a successful screener for your patient focus groups. The guide gives you tips on:

Language and tone of voice

Pilot testing

Screener structure

Medical Market Research

A Market Researcher’s Cheat Sheet: A World of Jargon

We know just how overwhelming healthcare jargon can be and it can often be easy to get your CCG’s confused with your CDF’s! Not to worry, we’ve created a healthcare jargon buster which covers everything you’ll need from KOL to TDI. It also includes:

Explanation of NHS terminology and acronyms

Therapy area specific terms clarified

Simplifying market research terms

Medical Fieldwork

7 steps to success: conducting medical focus groups with patients

Recruiting patients for focus groups can often be challenging but they are a great way to generate insightful qualitative results for your medical market research. We’ve put together a free guide which provides tips to achieve success within your patient focus groups. The guide will provide insight into:

Feasibility testing

Recruitment techniques

Successful screening

Validation of respondents



Medical Market Research

iThink Tech Sheet

Are you ready to take your qualitative research to the next level? Our iThink services could be for you! We’ve put together an iThink Tech Sheet that showcases the functions and benefits of the platform. Our tech sheet also includes information on:

Main functions of the platform

What the platform interface looks like

File support information

Details of where to find the iThink video

Medical Market Research

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Your Sample Size

Do you need help considering the feasibility of your sample size? We’ve put together a free guide to ensure that you head into the research phase of your project with confidence. The guide includes:

The importance of building relationships

How to conduct feasibility research

Essential resources

Medical Fieldwork

UK Market Research Viewing Facilities Map

Do you find it difficult sourcing viewing facilities for your medical market research projects? We understand that this an be an issue for many, especially at short notice! We’ve put together a helpful UK market research viewing facilities map which includes:

List of facilities

Facility contact details

Medical Market Research

Your guide to GKA Mobile

Whether you would prefer us to manage and facilitate your mobile study or you’re looking to get under the skin of the sessions yourself GKA Mobile can deliver you the insight you need! GKA Mobile enables users to set up tasks, get live feedback on your latest questions and more! Below is a list of GKA Mobile services in a nutshell:

Mobile video diaries

Picture upload tasks

Blog/journal tasks


Live polling

Long or short-term mobile communities

Creative idea-generation

Interactive discussions

Ad/concept testing

Medical Market Research

GKA NHS Workforce Stats

The NHS is an ever-changing service and as researchers, you need to stay on top. Download the latest NHS Workforce Statistics and ensure you are up to date with the changing healthcare professional populations.

Medical Market Research - NHS Workforce Statistics

Patient Market Research

Patient fieldwork can be tricky. Fortunately, we’ve got over 25 years of experience in patient market research and we’ve created a Guide to Successful Patient Fieldwork for Medical Market Researchers so we can share our knowledge with you.

Patient Market Research

The GKA Way

Since 1992 we have been providing expert fieldwork services to the medical market research industry and have worked with over 150 global clients to ensure their projects’ success. We’ve created a document, the GKA Way to explain how we achieve such our success and why we are different.

Free Download - The GKA Way - Download Now

A beginner’s guide to the UK healthcare landscape

The healthcare landscape is a complex topic area which includes many layers of structures and stakeholders which need to be thought about when conducting healthcare market research. We’ve created a tour which takes things back to basics and focuses on key areas within the healthcare landscape.

Medical Fieldwork

GKA Wiki

At GKA we are proud of how knowledgeable our team is – and it’s fair to say that with our unbeatable experience in medical fieldwork, we have built up a vast array of expertise. As a result, we set up the GKA Wiki, an internal resource that allows us to deliver to our clients our specialist experience by providing quick and deep feasibility in our proposals.

The GKA Wiki houses a vast amount of valuable information. Whether you need help with therapy areas, drug usage, key healthcare professionals or the latest update on the NHS, we can search the Wiki for this information and have it with you in a matter of hours.

Get in touch with our team today to find out how to take advantage of the GKA Wiki.

Medical Fieldwork


The structure of the NHS can seem like a minefield and it’s hard to keep up with the forever changing landscape, especially when assessing feasibility for market research. So, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the NHS to clarify this and make it a little more straightforward for you.

market research


We also have a blog full of useful hints, tips and techniques for today’s medical market researchers. You can see our latest here.