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Need access to healthcare professionals, KOLs, NHS Payers, patients and caregivers?


Entrust GKA to connect you with the respondents your research needs

Recruitment Specialists

At GKA, our highly skilled in-house recruiters handle the recruitment of all our research projects. Whatever the respondent types you need, for whatever the methodology you’re planning, our commitment is to provide you with the participants you need.

As specialists in recruiting healthcare professionals, NHS payers, key opinion leaders (KOLs), patients and caregivers, our Recruitment team has the expertise and an extensive network to connect you with the people you need.

Recruitment Specialists

Our areas of expertise...

  1. Healthcare Professionals

    GKA can provide you with access to healthcare professionals from across primary and secondary care settings. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality HCPs to provide you with the insights you need.
  2. Patients and Caregivers

    GKA can connect your research project with individuals living with various healthcare conditions, as well as their caregivers. Combining our specialist patient panel, healthcare professional referrals, patient support groups, and targeted social media campaigns, GKA ensures you have access to fully-validated, engaged, and supported research respondents.
  3. NHS Payers

    In the ever-evolving NHS landscape, actively involving NHS payers at the local, regional or national level can unlock crucial insights that will drive your next project forward.
  4. Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

    Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) contribute valuable expertise, clinical experience, and unique insights from their respective fields.

Panel Recruitment

For over 30 years, GKA has proactively developed our healthcare and patient panels by fostering trusted relationships with healthcare professionals and patient support groups. Through this established network, coupled with innovative recruitment approaches, we ensure seamless connections to the medical market research respondents you require.

  • Panel Recruitment

    Our panel of healthcare professionals, payers and KOLs, as well as our community of patients and carers, has been continually developed and refreshed over the past 30 years. These ongoing efforts ensure that we have an established network ready to connect immediately with research projects.

  • Custom Recruitment

    In addition to our capabilities to recruit via our panels, we understand that certain research studies require us to recruit from a client’s list, target specific centres, access individuals with niche specialisms or be focused on a rare disease. In such cases, our in-house recruitment team will deliver a tailored recruitment plan to meet the specific requirements of that research project.

  • Healthcare Professional Referrals

    Our established and trusted relationships with healthcare professionals, who recognise the value of the research we support, lead to active referrals of healthcare colleagues and patients for upcoming research studies.

  • Support Groups

    Support groups play a unique role in offering patients and family members a space to access information, find comfort and draw strength while dealing with a disease or illness. Throughout the years, GKA has partnered with numerous patient support groups, establishing proven partnerships. This enables us to share relevant research studies with individuals in a sensitive and careful manner.

  • Social Media

    With millions of individuals actively using social media platforms daily, GKA employs a combination of organic, direct engagement, and paid campaigns to reach a broader pool of respondents and showcase research opportunities. We always seek permissions and agree on approaches in advance with our clients.

Don't just take our word for it...

  • At every stage of this process everybody involved was lovely. I honestly enjoyed the whole thing from start to finish. I'm sure all the participants felt that their ideas were valuable, as I did. I learned so much too.
    Individual living with COPD COPD Research Study
  • Professional approach to organising interview-times; informed and well-briefed interviewer; good timekeeping during survey.
    Integrated Care Board Member London
  • Milly was superb and awesome. Very responsive to emails and was very helpful when I had some enquiries.
    Phlebotomist Phlebotomy Research Study

Our Services

Our Fieldwork team are highly experienced in delivering qualitative and quantitative medical market research in the UK and across Europe. Across whatever research methodologies you wish to use, our team can provide the following services:

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Designed around your project’s requirements, our in-house recruitment team will connect you with healthcare professionals, NHS payers, and patients and caregivers. Whoever it is you need us to find, we have the experience, panels and networks to connect you to fully-validated healthcare professionals and patients.

Specialists in recruiting for:

– Market research agencies
– Medical equipment manufacturers
– Healthcare technology companies
– Marketing and branding agencies

Whatever your required methodology, our recruitment team will engage, recruit, schedule and support respondents to maximise their participation and deliver quality insights.

We are experienced in recruiting for all of these methodologies and more so, whatever your approach, you can be confident we can deliver:

– In-Depth Interviews (IDIs)
– Tele-Depth Interviews (TDIs)
– Focus Groups
– Online surveys
– Patient Record Forms (PRFs)
– Detailed Follow-Ups (DFUs)
– Online communities
– Ethnography
– Market Research Online Communities (MROCs)
– Online bulletin boards
– User Experience (UX) testing

Over the last 30 years, we have successfully recruited healthcare professionals and patients for over 12,000 healthcare research projects. Furthermore, with all of our recruiters being BHBIA-certified and MRS-accredited, you can partner with us safe in the knowledge that our team is fully trained and compliant with all the latest industry guidelines.

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Project Management Icon

Project Management

We scale our project teams to meet the needs of your project. For qualitative projects, your fieldwork team will be made up of a Project Manager supported by a team of Project Coordinators and Recruiters.

Your Qualitative Project Management team will:

– Offer you a project kick-off call
– Create a bespoke project and recruitment plan
– Share experience-based insights and panel feedback
– Provide regular project updates
– Troubleshoot solutions as needed
– Manage all incentive payments
– Offer you an end-of-project debrief

For quantitative research, you will be allocated a Project Lead who will act as your single point of contact, coordinating all activities within GKA.

Your Quantitative Project Lead will:

– Confirm all your research requirements with you
– Launch your online research to our panel or custom list
– Support and follow-up with respondents as needed
– Provide updates on project progress and panel feedback
– Manage all incentive payments

Our experienced, honest, and approachable fieldwork teams are specialists in healthcare market research.

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Moderation Icon


Working independently, or as part of your team, our expert moderators have over 20 years of healthcare research experience, bringing knowledge, professionalism, and empathy to every research study. Having conducted thousands of interviews online and in person, on a 1-to-1 basis and in groups, they are highly skilled in maximising discussion guides to draw out key insights.

Also skilled in leading medical device testing exercises, our moderators can engage respondents in a range of research from concept ideation to real-world observations. Working with a predetermined discussion guide, or collaborating with you to establish your research objectives, our BHBIA-certified moderators will ensure your research complies with the latest market research guidelines.

Once our moderators are in action, they will provide you with initial feedback and observations, and work collaboratively with you throughout. This allows us to be more adaptable, probe further in certain areas, and ensure that we maximise our time in field.

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Analysis and Report Writing Icon

Analysis and Report Writing

Whether we are analysing research undertaken by our moderators or data supplied by our clients, our Research Analysts are highly skilled in transforming that data into a range of outputs:

– Key findings and research highlights
– Interim and end-of-project-reports
– Full content analysis and detailed reporting

We will work to understand your analysis and reporting needs to ensure that your research objectives are met every time.

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Data Processing Icon

Data Processing

Our Research Support team bring unrivalled experience to our data processing services, equipping you with the deliverables you need to drive decision making. Our data processing services include:

Survey design and hosting – with a range of survey platforms at our disposal, our team can program your survey, quality check your data and provide deliverables in a range of formats.

Quality control – whether the data is from Patient Record Forms (PRFs), Detailed Follow Ups (DFUs), Computer-assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI), online studies, or any other research approach, we will review, validate, and quality assure all data sets before securely transferring data files to our clients.

Coding of open ends – our team has vast experience in coding open-ended research questions, enabling you to analyse high volumes of data quickly and with accuracy.

Data entry – no matter the source data, our team can convert a range of inputs into a variety of outputs. Our team has the experience and capacity to make your data work for you.

Adverse events – our team is fully BHBIA Adverse Events trained, ensuring compliance for managing and reporting any adverse events. In addition, our team regularly undertake client-specific adverse events training and ensure compliance with those requirements during project delivery.

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Quantitative Top-Up Recruitment Icon

Quantitative Top-Up Recruitment

Partnering with the world’s leading market research panel agencies, we have developed a tailored set of services to enable our clients to achieve the sample sizes they need. Providing access to our fully-validated panel of healthcare professionals, KOLs, and NHS Payers, we will maximise your quantitative projects’ potential by helping you to reach those remaining respondents.

  1. Comprehensive feasibility assessment at quote stage
  2. Rapid study testing and launching
  3. List management and exclusion list matching
  4. Incentive payment management
  5. Dedicated project lead
  6. Custom recruitment options to meet specific project needs
  7. A team that are fully BHBIA trained

Our Quantitative Research team are committed to delivering the highest quality services, coupled with rapid turnaround of both costs and delivery, ensuring your quantitative research project is launched and executed with the precision and speed you need to get it over the line.

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Transcripts Icon


Our specialist medical transcribers will take your audio or video files and transcribe them into outputs of your choosing.

Professional and experienced in transcribing sensitive information, they offer accurate referencing of medical terminology, as well as complete confidentiality.

Delivering both speed and accuracy, our team ensures swift turnaround for the transcripts you require.

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Venue and Incentive Management Icon

Venue and Incentive Management

Our Project Management teams can manage all aspects of venue and incentive management.

Venue Management – In partnership with reliable, accessible, and state-of-the-art research facilities, we will handle all aspects of sourcing, securing and setting up appropriate spaces to meet your research requirements. With configuration options, viewing galleries, and live streaming capabilities, our partner venues provide bespoke, professional spaces.

Incentive Management – We will oversee all aspects of incentive management for you, freeing you to focus on the research. Whether paying via BACs or electronic gift cards, we have the infrastructure to manage multiple payment options.

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