Patient Market Research

Patient Market Research…

We have been conducting patient market research for nearly 25 years and, since 1992, our team has worked with specialists, KOLs, nurses, GPs and patient support groups across a wide range of conditions. With specific panels filled with experts and an unrivalled list of dedicated finders, we have unique qualifications when it comes to validated patient market research across multiple methodologies.

The secret of our success in custom patient recruitment is partnership, and GKA has excellent working relationships with both healthcare professionals and patient support groups. We maintain an industry-leading network, listing more than 15,000 HCP’s, many of whom have agreed to aid with patient market research, ensuring our patients are fully validated.

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Patient Market Research

From researching key therapy areas for over 20 years we have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience. We have taken this knowledge and created a series of therapy area guides which include therapy area overview, incidence statistics, treatment options, recommended respondent types and our physician reach.

Examples of some of the therapy areas we have covered include:




Heart Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease

Asthma and COPD

Multiple Sclerosis


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