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Advancing prevention, treatment and monitoring through medical devices research and development.

Medical devices play a vital role in most common medical procedures. Whether bandaging a broken arm, diagnosing cancer, performing a caesarean section or carrying out surgical intervention, all require some level of medical device. These fundamental tools affect every part of the healthcare system and are used millions of times each day.

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What’s the process of developing a new medical device?

Medical devices are usually developed to solve a problem, keep pace with advances in technology, improve patient outcomes and experience, or as a response to an emerging medical need. Through each of the development stages, from ideation to launch, insights from target user groups are key. Enabling medical practitioners to explore a device used in a healthcare setting, to granting individuals the opportunity to try the product in a self-care environment, usability, functionality, accuracy and quality can all be assessed through these insights.

How can medical market research help the R&D process?

From accessing medical professionals and patients to caregivers and healthcare sector influencers, medical market research can connect research professionals to some or all of these key stakeholders. From one-time studies, through to repeat engagements, it is possible to understand the impact of the product at each stage of iteration, as well as gaining insights into market perceptions at the point of launch. From in-depth interviews and focus groups to observing device-testing first-hand, these varied approaches can garner a range and depth of intelligence to help inform the next stage.

Medical devices research in action!

GKA recently supported Smart Respiratory Products Ltd through two stages of research and development, as they work to modernise the peak flow device used regularly by the millions of people with asthma. Their goals extended beyond physical product development to include App technology for improved recording, tracking and long-term monitoring. Virtual focus groups, moderated by our in-house team, provided Smart Respiratory Products Ltd with in-depth insights from a clinician’s perspective. This research has informed each stage of research and development to better enable the product to operate successfully in a clinical setting.

Thomas from Smart Respiratory Products Ltd gives his perspective on how this research has influenced their approach:

“We are working on bringing the humble peak flow meter into the 21st Century. This brings lots of added functionality and a different way of operation. Changing patient habits is often easier than teaching HCPs new workflows – and this is where GKA has helped tremendously. We have worked with GKA to systematically explore the impact on HCP work patterns and have designed our service accordingly.”

The future of the medical devices market

KPMG highlights in their latest insights, Medical devices 2030, that the future for medical device development lies in delivering value, achieving preventative care as a clinical outcome and creating intelligent technology to increase device insights. With projected steady market growth in the medical devices sector, and an industry value predicted to exceed $800 billion by 2030, the opportunity to be in this market is huge. This opportunity is caveated with a global aspiration to reduce the overall cost of healthcare, especially focusing on hospital care, so an emphasis on devices and technology that keep patients out of this setting will support this global ambition.

How can GKA support medical device research and development?

Depending on your target audience, whether medical professionals, device users or caregivers, GKA can connect you to a range of individuals. With our suite of services including participant recruitment, moderation, transcription of interviews and full project management, the GKA team can support your research aspirations. If you are at any stage of medical device development and are keen to gain audience insights, then please contact Huw Davies on +(44)1242 220240 or email