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Making the impossible possible in healthcare market research

Picture the scenario. Your client wants additional healthcare market research amongst a cluster of hard-to-reach Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). He wants it now but he “has no budget”.  Yet, given the condition’s low incidence, the KOLs will be spread far and wide and this will make convening a focus group difficult, costly and time-consuming, won’t it?

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Actually… No.

iThink, GKA’s cutting-edge qualitative healthcare market research offering, takes the speed, versatility and efficiency of remote access adds the interaction of a healthcare focus group and delivers fast, flexible yet cost-effective research. Thanks to iThink, you can recruit the most relevant respondents instead of settling for second best.

You no longer have to build in travel time and you certainly don’t have to pay for it. With iThink, everything is done online through moderated sessions. It is an elegant, practical and user-friendly solution to an inherent problem when it comes to medical fieldwork. Yet it can be set up within 48 hours .

Although online, the system still allows participants to interact as if they are in the same room. iThink allows you to enhance the whole experience of those taking part and make them feel like they are really involved. As you show them jpgs, videos, presentations and PDF files they can add notes – in real time – and, you can use  live polling to ask key questions as the session goes along. Then, within hours of the end of the session, you will get a video of the research.

Of course, when you choose to use iThink you immediately have access to GKA’s unique experience in healthcare fieldwork and all the rigorous methodology that this entails. We have an unrivalled heritage when it comes to recruiting and talking to doctors, nurses, surgeons, patients, KOLs, payers – we know how to approach them. Contact us to find out more.