Online Medical Surveys

Online medical surveys – complex recruits made easy…

Here at GKA, we can tailor our recruitment methods to suit your project and your client’s specific needs. From complex recruits and top-ups to low incidence target groups, we’ve got it covered.

Our panel of 15,000 healthcare professionals, coupled with our in-house team of recruiters and expert telephone interviewers enable GKA to offer expert help so you can reach low incidence respondents that aren’t available on your average panel.

GKA can ensure the highest number of completes are achieved via interviewer assistance, expert bespoke recruitment and additional reach via our highly engaged panel.

In fact, we’re one of the only companies in existence who can offer quantitative online studies with payers, nurses, pharmacists, dentists and patients alongside many other highly targeted specialists.

To learn more about the types of respondents we can recruit for you, download our panel book.

List Recruitment

GKA can ensure you maximise completes from your client target lists. Not only can we cross match your list with our panel and invite panelists to your online survey, but we can also contact all of your client list via telephone to ensure no customer data is left unused.


GKA’s in-house programming team can offer cost effective programming of your surveys where required. Get in touch for a quote.

download healthcare market research panel book