Market Research Online Communities

Market Research Online Communities – giving valuable insights, instantly…

Market research online communities have exploded within the market research sector over the past few years and this trend is set to continue as junior doctors rise through the ranks.

The consultants of tomorrow are fluent in social media and are extremely tech savvy. Is your healthcare market research going to be too?

Market research online communities from GKA enable you to build a community of expert healthcare professionals or patients to gain insights that are simply not possible with more traditional methods. They can be run as a stand-alone project or as a great addition to traditional research projects.

Market research online communities in healthcare allow you to gain insight from a different perspective through:

Online discussions


Blogs and journals

Creative challenges

Picture and video uploads from daily life

If you’d like to understand what types of respondents GKA can access for your next market research online community then download our panel book below.

Our response to COVID-19GKA continues to operate with some important changes

Although we've all been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, GKA wants to assure you that our team is fully operational and here to support our valued partners with their medical market research as we all adapt and find new ways to progress forward.

Clearly these are challenging times but, from the most recent research we carried out with our own panel of healthcare professionals, things are beginning to improve with indications being that all forms of medical market research, including face-to-face, will be achievable in the not-too-distant future. 

If you’d like the results of that research, or we can support you in any way at the moment, please contact us at We’re here and ready to help.