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Healthcare Market Research

Healthcare Market Research

Achieve your healthcare market research objectives with GKA

For over three decades, GKA has been providing fieldwork services tailored to the healthcare market research sector. We partner with leading market research agencies, global panel agencies, medical devices manufacturers, and branding agencies. Our commitment is clear: we are here to connect you with the healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers you need to achieve your research and commercial goals, all while advancing healthcare together.

How GKA can transform your research

We offer a comprehensive range of qualitative research services, ranging from recruitment-only solutions through to end-to-end project management. Our teams of Account Managers, Project Managers, Recruiters, Moderators and support staff are here for every step of your healthcare market research study.

Partnering with GKA means:

Our research methodologies include:

Elevate your healthcare market research to new heights with GKA. Contact our Client Services team today and let’s explore how we can provide you with the insights and support you need to achieve your research objectives

Need a little help?

If you need help with the recruitment and facilitation of your latest medical focus group, contact our expert team here for a free quotation and feasibility assessment.