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Take your qualitative healthcare market research to the next level…

Opening a window into patients’ lives to understand their behaviour is fast becoming a core element of healthcare market research projects undertaken by pharmaceutical companies, patient support groups and many other healthcare companies. However, bringing together patients with low-incidence diseases or those who find it difficult to travel to carry out the research can be challenging. 

iThink_Online Healthcare Market Research

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Increasingly, online platforms, such as GKA’s iThink service, are offering effective ways to connect with patients, reaching into their homes to capture valuable insights with the minimum of disturbance to their lives.

Harnessing GKA’s unrivalled medical fieldwork expertise, iThink uses cutting-edge webcam-based technology to open new worlds of opportunity for qualitative healthcare market research. Fast, versatile and efficient, the platform allows remote access to patients in their own homes, giving researchers the same interaction with a patient that they would have face to face at a venue.

Through webcams, moderator and respondents interact fully, reviewing and annotating materials together on-screen. Other functionality built into iThink enables live polling for instant responses to questions and client chat, permitting the client to interact with the moderator in real-time.

A feature of the platform that is currently generating a great deal of interest – and many exciting new possibilities – is Screen Share. This function of iThink allows moderator and respondents to share whatever is on their screens; not only does this give the moderator the ability to share a huge range of materials, it offers a powerful way to track the way patients use the web to access health or disease information.

Using Screen Share, web activity is tracked in real time, offering insight into patients”web journeys’ as they seek out health information. It provides a detailed record of how patients search for health information, what topics are of most interest, the kinds of sources they are accessing and how they navigate the websites. These insights are proving invaluable to those looking to build information-rich websites, improve the navigability of existing sites or develop their educational materials.

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