Mobile Healthcare Fieldwork

Healthcare fieldwork goes mobile…

GKA Mobile can enhance your healthcare fieldwork by giving you access to patients and healthcare professionals in a live, interactive setting that’s always available, 24/7.

Find out about the day-to-day lives of patients and gain real insights through our finders network as well as getting physician’s opinions as their day progresses to gain a true understanding of their clinical environment.

GKA Mobile can be built to your specifications. You can run short, single video diary studies or we can build and manage a full mobile qualitative study encompassing multiple tasks that last for one week or one year – whatever your healthcare fieldwork needs, we’ve got it covered.

Respondents can post responses and upload video and pictures from their devices at anytime, whilst you can simply observe while we manage and facilitate your mobile qual study. Alternatively, if you want to get under the skin of your target group you can facilitate sessions yourself, set up tasks and get live feedback on your latest questions. It’s entirely your choice; whatever you want, we will deliver!

Download our GKA Mobile Guide here to learn more:

Healthcare Fieldwork - Mobile Qual

In a nutshell, the GKA Mobile services include:

Mobile video diaries

Picture upload tasks

Blog/journal tasks

Live polling

Long or short-term mobile communities

Creative idea generation

Interactive discussions

Ad/concept testing

GKA moderation and community management for high level engagement

GKA set up, handling and expert project management

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Healthcare Fieldwork