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Who was the first person diagnosed with MS?

In the 19th century, George the III’s grandson was thought to have multiple sclerosis (MS)

The field of MS has come a long way since then. In fact, with the addition of new cutting-edge therapies over the last few years, it is one of the most fast-moving, and exciting fields to be working in. At GKA we’ve certainly seen a vast change over the 25 years we have been conducting medical fieldwork in multiple sclerosis.

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Over this time, we’ve managed to not only build our own expertise, but we’ve had the time to develop and grow a panel of respondents which is one of the best in the healthcare market research field. And in MS this means not only access to top opinion leaders, but also to the wider multiple sclerosis community, who are key in any MS healthcare market research project.

In the UK, there are a limited number of specialist neurologists treating MS, and many of these sit on the GKA healthcare market research panel. Along with over 250 neurologists, we have 100 MS nurses on the panel as well. We’ve learnt that MS nurses are absolutely key in any market research involving multiple sclerosis patients. These specialist nurses, together with the MS support groups with which we have close relationships, help to recruit patients for medical fieldwork projects. Recruitment is complicated due to the varying forms of MS and the many different drug treatments that patients may be on.

For these reasons, it is key to work with an healthcare market research agency which knows MS inside out. At GKA we have a deep understanding of multiple sclerosis and its different types, the ever-evolving list of therapies and how they fit within the NHS, and the complex needs of patients dealing with relapses and progressive disabilities. Our Therapy Area Guide on Multiple Sclerosis will give you a quick guide to the field, and will demonstrate how GKA can help you get the most out of your MS market research project, download here.

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