Why should your company choose GKA as its market research recruitment agency? We’ll let our clients do the talking on this one…

“From my perspective GKA has really good relationships with respondents and a wide net for reaching them… I always feel confident we’ll find the respondents when working with you guys!”

“Everything, from start to finish the whole team were superb… they were brought in at the last minute on this project to help where others had failed – and they succeeded!”

“It has been really great working with you on this project – we feel like it ran very smoothly (despite the current circumstances) and have been very impressed by your proactive project management skills!”

One of our clients was very pleased that we managed to find four patients on a specific drug…

“WOAH!  THIS IS AMAZING, let me share with the team!!!!”

“Thank you very much for your support during this project. We both think that you are one of the best project managers we have been working with”

“Thank you very much for your message, I really appreciate the super reliable updates from your side and the quick reorganization you did today. “

“Zoe is really easy to work with and is a credit to the organisation.”

“Everything ran really smoothly, fast recruitment and managed to get good quality respondents”

“GKA really went above and beyond to help us satisfy the needs of our client. Thanks so much!”

“I cannot express how relieved and happy the client was – and I cannot express how happy I am with what Charlotte has done here. Her attitude to this challenge and the result she delivered – outstanding!”

“GKA are very good at keeping the client informed through updates and face to face or telephone updates after interviews have been conducted. They also go above and beyond expectations of a market research recruitment agency by providing additional information on respondents to guarantee that appropriate respondents are recruited and are very swift with regards to recruiting.”

“The searching and methods used to find these patients was impressive and you never gave up. Usage of social media and patient associations was key to this and you did this. Very pleased and actually awarded you another patient project on the back of all your hard work on this.”

“Thanks to your team for helping us out with this project. We were very pleased with the recruits and how smoothly everything went. Thank you for being so responsive and diligent in your work!”

“One of the best suppliers I’ve worked with. Excellent interactions, people, service, timing and results.”

“That is amazing work, thank you so much for pulling this out the bag for me.”

“I wanted to thank Zoe and Huw for everything – the client was very happy with the quality of the interviews, the staff at Spectrum were also very helpful, and the project went very smoothly, so again a big thank you to everyone.”

“In a day and age when people are too quick to complain and criticise, I just wanted to drop you a line to say how impressed and grateful I was for your prompt and clear response to our costing request yesterday. We contacted two agencies for a cost. The second agency never even acknowledged receipt of our email, but you guys were totally on the ball and responded first thing. It was hugely reassuring and great to get a clear, transparent, on brief cost… all within our ridiculous time frames.”

“Everything went really well – thank you! We want to thank you and your team for your excellent service and customer care.”

““This study was the online community- it was our first time doing one of these and Zoe and Megan really helped guide us through the process. They also did a great job chasing respondents and ensuring engagement. Thank you for all the hard work! :)”

“This is simply great. Thank you so much for what you did. Brilliant for the debrief interview. I didn’t expect such success and I have to admit that I am really happy.”