GKA Team

Meet the team…

Our team is at the heart of GKA and the reason why we have such a strong reputation in the industry for quality and expert project management. Here’s a little bit more information about our core team members:

Huw Davies

Qualitative Services Manager

Joined us in: 2003

Roles with us: Telephone Interviewer, Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Client Services Manager, Qualitative Services Manager

Skilled at: Qualitative interviewing and moderation, analysis, report writing

Expert in: Market Access, Oncology

Loves: His daughter and travelling


Business Development Manager

Joined us in: 2006

Roles with us: Project Executive, Project Manager, Client Services Executive, Client Services Manager, Business Development Manager

Skilled at: Project management, project consulting, account management

Expert in: Feasibility

Loves: Trying new food, watching films and TV shows and seeing as many countries as possible!

Charlotte Cullen

Project Manager

Joined us in: 2013

Roles with us: Recruiter, Project Executive and Project Manager

Skilled at: Patient recruitment on difficult topic areas

Expert in: Respiratory conditions, IPF, Acromegaly, Growth Hormone

Loves: Seeing my friends, doing spin class, reading, buying a lot of lipsticks!

Zoe Smith

Project Manager

Joined us in: 2014

Roles with us: Project Executive and Project Manager

Skilled at: Project management and quota management

Expert in: DFU’s and patient studies

Loves: Going to the movies, travelling, zumba, going to the pub!

Adam Irwin

Head of Fieldwork

Joined us in: 2005

Roles with us: Project Executive, Project Manager, Project Manager Team Leader – CATI & Online, Senior Project Manager, Head of Fieldwork

Skilled at: Communication

Expert in: Feasibility and fieldwork solutions

Loves: Football, cooking and eating out!

Simon Goodwin

Data Administrator 

Joined us in: 2011

Roles with us: Project & Programming Assistant, Project Manager, Data Administrator

Skilled at: Online project management, feasibility for online studies and processing call data

Expert in: Online oncology studies

Loves: Amateur dramatics, football and cricket fan and proud daddy!

Alison Cosslett

Research Support Technician

Joined us in: 2008

Roles with us: Project Executive, Project Manager, CATi Programmer, Research Support Technician

Skilled at: Programming screeners and questionnaires

Expert in: Sorting data files and quality control

Loves: Travelling, eating and binge watching the latest TV shows!

Jon Loose

Head of Technical Development

Joined us in: 2013

Roles with us: Technical Support Executive, Technical Development Manager and Head of Technical Development

Skilled at: Turning things ‘off and on’

Expert in: Finding a solution to your technical challenge!

Loves: Wales rugby, Cardiff City football, running, and being annoyingly obsessive about grammar

Richard Stephens

Sales and Marketing Director

Joined us in: 2002

Roles with us: Telephone Project Manager, Senior Field Project Manager, Business Unit Manager, Business Development Manager and Sales and Marketing Director

Skilled at: All things digital marketing

Loves: Spending time with my family and energetic boys! Riding my bike and playing golf.

Sophie Zadeh

Managing Director

Joined us in: 1999

Roles with us: Recruiter/Interviewer, Project Manager, Business Development Manager, Field Manager, Operations Manager, Operations Director, Managing Director

Skilled at: Project management, business development, finance, people development

Loves: Spending time with my family and friends and of course one or two glasses of wine!

Lisa Boughton
Lisa Boughton

Operations Director

Joined us in: 2004

Roles with us: Trainee Project Manager, Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Fieldwork Manager, Operations Director

Skilled at: Project Management and I loved patient research which I think is what pushed me into the consumer world

Loves: I love socialising with my friends, spending time in Cornwall or anywhere generally by the sea and spending time with my very energetic, fun loving and curious little girl!