Meet the GKA Team

Meet the team…

Our team is at the heart of GKA and the reason why we have such a strong reputation in the industry for quality and expert project management. Here’s a little bit more information about our core team members:

Adam Irwin

Managing Director 

Joined us in: 2005

Roles with us: Project Executive, Project Manager, Project Manager Team Leader – CATi & Online, Senior Project Manager, Head of Fieldwork, Managing Director

Skilled at: Communication

Expert in: Feasibility and fieldwork solutions

Loves: Football, cooking and eating out!

Jon Loose

Operations Director 

Joined us in: 2013

Roles with us: Technical Support Executive, Technical Development Manager, Head of Technical Development, Operations Director

Skilled at: Turning things ‘off and on’

Expert in: Finding a solution to your technical challenge!

Loves: Wales rugby, Cardiff City football, running, and being annoyingly obsessive about grammar

Huw Davies

Research Manager

Joined us in: 2003

Roles with us: Telephone Interviewer, Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Client Services Manager, Qualitative Services Manager, Research Manager

Skilled at: Qualitative interviewing and moderation, analysis, report writing

Expert in: Market Access, Oncology

Loves: His daughter and travelling

Charlotte Cullen

Account Manager

Joined us in: 2013

Roles with us: Recruiter, Project Executive, Project Manager, Account Manager

Skilled at: Patient recruitment on difficult topic areas

Expert in: Respiratory conditions, IPF, Acromegaly, Growth Hormone

Loves: Seeing my friends, doing spin class, reading, buying a lot of lipsticks!

Zoe Smith

Senior Project Manager

Joined us in: 2014

Roles with us: Project Executive, Project Manager, Senior Project Manager

Skilled at: Project management and quota management

Expert in: DFU’s and patient studies

Loves: Going to the movies, travelling, zumba, going to the pub!

Megan Grendon

Project Manager

Joined us in: 2017

Roles with us: Project Co-ordinator, Project Manager

Skilled at: Recruitment through support groups and finders

Expert in: Diabetes, Haemophilia, Rare Diseases

Loves: Walking my dog, sewing, interior design and aerial gymnastics/dance

Olivia Marshall

Project Co-ordinator

Joined us in: 2018

Roles with us: Market Research Recruiter, Project Co-ordinator

Skilled at: Patient record form studies

Expert in: MS and Paediatrics

Loves: Netball, baking and travelling

Shelby-Jay Lewis

Project Co-ordinator

Joined us in: 2019

Roles with us: Market Research Recruiter, Project Co-ordinator

Skilled at: Quick turn-around projects

Expert in: Diabetes and Gastroenterology studies

Loves: Exploring different countries, scuba diving and everything that lives in the ocean!

Simon Goodwin

Project Support Manager 

Joined us in: 2011

Roles with us: Project & Programming Assistant, Project Manager, Data Administrator, Project Support Manager

Skilled at: Online project management, feasibility for online studies and processing call data

Expert in: Online oncology studies

Loves: Amateur dramatics, football and cricket fan and proud daddy!

Alison Collins

Technical Manager

Joined us in: 2008

Roles with us: Project Executive, Project Manager, CATi Programmer, Research Support Technician, Technical Manager

Skilled at: Programming screeners and questionnaires

Expert in: Sorting data files and quality control

Loves: Travelling, eating and binge watching the latest TV shows!

Our response to COVID-19GKA continues to operate with some important changes

Although we've all been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, GKA wants to assure you that our team is fully operational and here to support our valued partners with their medical market research as we all adapt and find new ways to progress forward.

Clearly these are challenging times but, from the most recent research we carried out with our own panel of healthcare professionals, things are beginning to improve with indications being that all forms of medical market research, including face-to-face, will be achievable in the not-too-distant future. 

If you’d like the results of that research, or we can support you in any way at the moment, please contact us at We’re here and ready to help.