If you would like to find out more about how we do things at GKA and what we offer as a healthcare market research recruitment agency, here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Why should I trust you?

Established in 1992, we’re one of the most experienced independent medical market research recruitment agencies in the industry. We are long-term BHBIA, MRS, EphMRA and ESOMAR members, ensuring our whole team is accredited and adheres to the highest industry codes of conduct. It’s in our DNA.

Can you recruit for me internationally?

We specialise in being independent UK experts. However, although we choose to focus on the UK, we can recommend other agencies internationally that have the same ethos as we do – so please get in touch if you need any recommendations.

How do you recruit your respondents?

We tailor-make our recruitment plans dependent upon the respondent type, methodology and criteria. That means we’ll apply as many resources as we can both online and offline to get the project done and find you the very best respondents – for us it’s so much more than just getting bums on seats.

Do you have a panel?

Yes, but not in the traditional sense. What we have is a database of over 15,000 healthcare professionals and patients that we use as a starting point for our recruitment. They have all been verified, so you can be completely confident that we only source the very best, fully validated participants.. It’s how we can give you top line screening feedback so quickly on your project – but we don’t stop there. We’ve also got excellent relationships with hospitals and surgeries, and if we need to we will cold call to find you the respondents you’re looking for. Take a look at our panel numbers here ..

Do you have your own viewing facility?

No, we don’t have our own facility. We do however recommend these ones and have preferred rates with many of them which we can pass on to you.

How are your panelists verified?

We recruit the majority of our studies using our 15,000 strong panel.Each of our panelists are verified either via telephone or by their NHS email address, whilst our patients are usually referred to us by a physician or patient support groups.

How many patients are on your panel?

Currently there’s 3,000 patients on our panel – and counting! We cover a multitude of conditions and a range of therapy areas, and we’re always working on new therapy areas, too. Have a look at our panel book here.

How do you prevent dropouts?

We have a thorough process in place to prevent dropouts including an initial over-recruit for groups, ascertaining two phone numbers and email addresses for each participant where possible so we can easily contact them, sending confirmation emails with a map and clear directions, a confirmation call 48 hours before the research takes place and another follow up confirmation 24 hours before with a final reminder of the time and location.

What happens if my schedule changes?

We understand that on occasion this can be unavoidable. Once we are made aware of any changes, we will attempt to reschedule any booked appointments in line with the latest availability for a small rescheduling fee.

How quickly can my recruitment be turned around?

We often help clients with short-turnaround recruitment either for exploratory pilot interviews or as part of last-minute pick-ups. In extreme situations, we have even been known to launch recruitment and arrange interviews on the same day!

Can you help with low incidence and rare conditions recruitment?

Yes, this is one of our specialist areas! We undertake all of our recruitment using our team of in-house recruiters who utilise a host of resources to find hard-to-reach HCPs and patients. Our strong relationships with HCPs and support groups are one of the things that enables us to recruit patients with orphan diseases.

How is respondent data communicated?

Respondent data is always password-protected, with screening answers sent in a separate file to the contact information. We then use unique IDs to link the information together.

I keep seeing the same faces in market research, how can you ensure I get to see some fresh faces?

We maintain exclusion lists that are organised by client and therapy area So if you work with us on a regular basis, we’ll ensure that you don’t see the same face within six months or more (criteria permitting)

Do you specialise in a particular methodology?

We are able to recruit respondents no matter how specific your criteria and have a wealth of experience with recruiting for a host of methodologies including face-to-face interviews, tele-depths, online surveys, and online communities.

Can we audit GKA?

By all means! We have successfully passed many audits with large research companies who adhere to ISO standards in the last 12-months.

How have you prepared for GDPR?

Our GDPR team consists of the company directors and senior managers  and has been meeting since early 2017 to review our processes, run simulation exercises and update relevant policies. Our policies are reviewed annually and include: Data Protection, Change Management, Environmental, Equal Opportunities, Anti-Slavery & Human Trafficking, Health & Safety, Business Continuity, IT & Security and Performance Management.